• Best Films of 2017

    2017 was a huge year for movies, not because of the movies themselves but what happened outside of them: the truth, the takedowns, the movements. Some of us are still angry. Some of us can't watch movies without thinking about the ugliness that goes on behind the scenes. And some of us have become numb to it. Thankfully for me, none of it really ruined movies for me. Movies are still my sacred place. No one, not Harvey Weinstein, not Kevin Spacey, no one can ruin movies for me. They are magical and damn anyone who tries to kill that magic. 

    Among my favorite are PTA's Phanthom Thread. Honestly, anything with Daniel Day Lewis automatically becomes my favorite, but I especially love a collaboration between PTA and DDL. Also, very happy Greta Gerwig directed her own film. She's one of my favorite young actresses, and I love her writing. And Coco - oh how I loved Coco. No other movie made me cry and sing and laugh as much as Coco. Truly a work of art and inspiration. 

    Here are my favorite films of 2017: 

    1. Phantom Thread by Paul Thomas Anderson
    2. Coco by Lee Unkrich
    3. Lady Bird by Greta Gerwig
    4. Blade Runner 2049 by Dennis Villeneuve
    5. A Ghost Story by David Lowery 
    6. Logan by James Mangold
    7. Mother! by Darren Aronofsky
    8. The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro
    9. Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan 
    10. The Florida Project by Sean Baker

    Let's go 2018.