• Film Photos: Hello 2016!

    I've been wanting to post some film photos for like 9 months. These are from an old film roll, from late 2016. Trips to the L.A. Natural History Museum, days in Los Feliz, my annual Friendsgiving Dinner, a day-visit to Universal Studios with Omar. It's not nostalgia - I just want to post more, for my own sake and memory. 

    And now that I'm here - I have more film rolls that need to be developed, but where are they? This is what happens with film rolls isn't it? Film rolls are tiny and easy to lose, and then one day, you find them, hidden inside an old shoe box, go develop it and find a nice surprise. I guess I'll just wait for my nice surprise 4.5 years from now. Hey, I'll be in my 30s!