• Ricardo Bofill

    I quit Twitter earlier this year because I couldn't take the negativity anymore. I love the news feed format of Twitter, but I couldn't deal with the millions of tweets from people saying how offended they were about some joke a comedian said 20 years ago. I was getting sucked into a vortex of negativity (my fault) and it was bringing me down (also my fault for giving Twitter the power to do that). So I decided to quit, just temporarily. I started using my Twitter again in March, here and there, and I haven't had an episode of range (even with the latest Kanye tweets). As long as I don't click the hashtags, I'm good. I don't get easily offended. I am not politically correct. I can take the jokes and teasing. I understand that there's different levels of sensitivity, but just because you're offended doesn't mean you're right. I like Ricky Gervais' example - it's like seeing a sign that says "Guitar Lessons" and getting mad at the sign and saying "But I don't want guitar lessons!" Don't worry about it then, it's not for you.

    With that said, today Twitter introduced me to Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill and I'm so, so grateful and happy I came back to Twitter, if only for this. I don't know much about him yet, but I've already spent an hour looking through photos of buildings he designed. I'm not an architecture geek or anything like that. I've taken photos all my life, but I've never been into photographing buildings. Always people, some landscapes, never buildings. But I guess I grew a little jealous of my boyfriend's interest in photographing buildings that I decided to start taking photos of them too. I'm a little competitive, so there's that. And now I'm super into buildings. And I'm totally in love with Ricardo Bofill, and inspired by his style and aesthetic and the way he understands and interprets space.