• May Music Pick: Marlon Williams

    I love discovering new music (on my own). It's one of my favorite things next to traveling, picnics, breakfast foods and dogs! I've been pretty good about setting time aside to discover new music for the past year (I'd say), but over the past month or so, I've just been traveling so much that I haven't had any time to get lost in the search. But over the weekend I discovered Marlon Williams (thanks Wild Wild Country) and I'm smitten! He reminds me of The Cure. I was so surprised to learn that he's my age! He sounds like he's from a previous era - mixing elements of blues, folk and country. And I can't stop listening to "Dark Child" - the song has inspired me to write a short story about my mother and just about anyone who sheds the beliefs instilled in them by their parents, going after their own truth.