• "Brewmance" (Associate Producer)

    Craft Beer began with a group of restless home-brewers searching for something real and flavorful; it's become a global phenomenon of taste. That spirit of rebellion and innovation exists in two groups of home-brewers from Long Beach, California who will soon open their own breweries. With the help of iconic brewers Ken Grossman, Charlie Papazian, Vinnie Cilurzo, Sam Calagione, Jim Koch and others, the soul of craft beer is finally revealed.
  • "Touch The Wall" (Project Manager)

    The story of two women and their journey to the highest stage in swimming - the 2012 London Olympics. The young star, Missy Franklin, is just beginning her career and is saddled with mile-high expectations; the veteran, Kara Lynn Joyce, is trying to rediscover the juice that took her to the previous two Olympics.
  • "Swim Team" (Outreach Coordinator)

    In New Jersey, the parents of a boy on the autism spectrum form a competitive swim team, recruiting diverse teens on the spectrum. Using high expectations and zero pity to train them, what happens next alters the course of the boys' lives.
  • "And Now, Love" (Outreach Coordinator)

    "And Now, Love" is a 94-minute documentary memoir directed by Jill Demby Guest. The film follows the life and work of Dr. Bernard Bail, who was captured by the Nazis and rescued by a secret love affair with his German nurse. After the war, while battling PTSD and antisemitism in the U.S., he became a doctor and psychoanalyst who came to believe that all wars begin with the war within ourselves. Devoted to healing emotional suffering, he developed the “mother’s imprint,” a radical theory that strikes at the root of all mental illness. As his work evolved, his conviction in the undeniable link between social progress and the treatment of women made him the ultimate feminist and a firm believer in the idea that if the world can ever know peace, women must lead the way.
  • "She Started It" (Campaign Manager)

    Following five women over two years as they pitch VCs, build teams, bring products to market, fail and start again, SHE STARTED IT takes viewers on a global roller coaster ride from San Francisco to Mississippi, France and Vietnam. Along the way, it weaves in big-picture perspectives from women like investor Joanne Wilson; White House CTO Megan Smith; GoldieBlox CEO Debbie Sterling; and Ruchi Sanghvi, the first female engineer at Facebook.