Young Blues

A few summers ago I went to stay in Merced, CA with Karla, one of my best friends since childhood who was finishing school at UCM. She was renting a tiny room in a pretty big house that belonged to a Hmong lady who had a bad habit of keeping things she didn't need; I discovered this when I went inside one of the bigger rooms in the house and found that it was filled with unused shoes still in boxes, tons of clothes inside dry cleaning bags, and old Hmong paintings of powerful men in colorful uniforms. I stayed there for a week and I never met the lady, but for some reason, I left feeling like I knew her. I never found out if she knew I was staying at her house. But while we were there, living of Chex cereal because Karla has a bad habit of not buying proper food and I was too lazy to leave the house – the California sun is hotter in the Central Valley – we decided to create something. We set out to make a music video for Kate Nash's "Nicest Thing" but instead made a black and white video of Karla dancing to an instrumental version of "Exit Music (For A Film)" by Radiohead. I'm in love with this video because I love Karla and Radiohead. I especially appreciate the lighting choice I made. Who knew I could be such an artsy teenager?